Heaton Hawks Club Enrolment Days – July 2017

Heaton Hawks JFC Club Enrolment Days will take place on Saturday 1st & 9th and Sunday 2nd and 9th of July. These enrolment days will be for all Players and Coaches who intend to be members of Heaton Hawks JFC for the 2017/2018 season.

Please note, if any of Heaton Hawks JFC players/parents do not attend the enrolment day they will INELIGIBLE to play for Heaton Hawks JFC in the 2017/2018 season.

Please read the below notes taking particular attention to your particular squads allocated times and the document’s parents will need to fulfil enrolment.

Saturday 1st & 8th July
U7 & U8 09.00 10.30 3 teams
U9 10.30 11.30 2 teams
U10 11.30 13.00 4 teams
U11 13.00 14.30 4 teams
Managers/coaches Drop in
Seniors Drop in
Sunday 2nd & 9th July
U12 09.00 10.30 3 teams
U13 10.30 11.30 2 teams
U14 11.30 13.00 3 teams
U16 13.00 14.30 3 teams
Managers/coaches Drop in
Seniors Drop in

Managers/Coaches Notes:

  • Come to an enrolment day as Managers/Coaches need to enrol
  • Try and encourage parents to sign across both weekends and not all on the first weekend
  • Send us a list of players they are expecting to sign up next season before the sessions as we need to check the following:
    • they have paid their subs for 2016/2017 season – we won’t sign players with outstanding subs
    • they are signing up to the correct team – we won’t sign players we are not aware of
  • Ask parents to bring all of the following otherwise the enrolment cannot be completed:
    • The player
    • 1 x passport photo of player
    • Details of medication (names, dosage, frequency)
    • Bank account details to set up subscription.

Should you have any queries regarding the Club Enrolment Days, firstly speak with your Team Manager who can seek guidance from Club Secretary, David Allan.