Club Documents

This page has been set up to provide players, parents, visitors and the alike with the official club documentation for Heaton Hawks.

We ask all players, parents, spectators and club officials to read through the policies and adhere to them at all times. Heaton Hawks JFC will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour from any players, parents or club officials.

Junior Teams NFA Affiliation Number 2018-19


Senior Team NFA Affiliation Number 2018-19


Heaton Hawks FC Insurance Policy 2018-19

Club Insurance Policy – 2018/2019

Team Sheets 2016-17

PPRJFL Match Day Team Sheet Mini Soccer
PPRJFL Match Day Team Sheet 9 v 9
PPRJFL Match Day Team Sheet 11 v 11

NFA CYD Team Sheet Mini Soccer
NFA CYD Team Sheet 9v9
NFA CYD Team Sheet 11v11

NFA Cup Result Sheet

NFA Cup Result Sheet

PPRJFL Documents 2018-2019

New Player Registration Card
Registration Names Form
Registration Photo Form

KYPC Mini Soccer League Documents 2017-2018

KYPC Mini Soccer – Player Registration Form
KYPC Mini Soccer – Registration Photo Sheet

Heaton Hawks Seniors Documents

Corinthians League Rules 16-17
Corinthians League Team Sheet
Corinthians League Player Registration List

Policies & Guidelines

Safeguarding Children Policy

Spectators Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

Team & Club Officials Code of Conduct

Club Rules for Parents

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Volunteer Application Form

GDPR Policy